Rick’s Notes

We know your time is valuable so we’ve created short videos containing important information that you need to know in order to keep your people (employees, students, community members, etc.), organizations, and communities safe by intervening and preventing incidents before they occur.

Content in these videos will also help you more effectively and efficiently lead and empower your Threat Assessment Teams to intervene, disrupt, and prevent at-risk individuals from escalating towards incidents before they occur.

Innovator’s Edge Podcast: Rick Shaw

It was an honor to connect with ITL CEO Wayne Allen on the Innovator's Edge Podcast! Together we discussed how Awareity's innovative "Smart Platform" solution is designed with Community-wide Threat ...
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Can’t Afford An SRO or More SROs?

Are you tasked with keeping students safe but you don't afford an SRO or more SROs? There's a better solution for threat assessment teams, watch now! Looking for more information? ...
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Executives, Board Members & Leaders: Recipes

As executives, board members, and leaders you probably have tons of trainings, policies, laws, guidelines, standard, etc. that form the recipes for your leadership and the actions of your employees, ...
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Executives, Board Members & Leaders: Smart Platforms

Are you still trying to connect everything above in the pre-smart platform era? Looking for more information? Click here or use the form to your right to reach out and ...
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Attention Executives: Threat Assessment Teams and The Right Tools

Surgical Teams need the right tools. SWAT Teams need the right tools. Football Teams need the right tools.  To get the best results and the right results, Threat Assessment Teams need ...
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Ready to Transform Student Safety? Watch this video.

[Student Safety] Are you ready to transform and improve student safety by PREVENTING school shootings and other incidents? Watch this video. If you want to keep the status quo and ...
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Student Safety MUST Become a Higher Priority Than School Security

In the wake of yet another tragic mass shooting at a school, it's time to respond and ensure student safety with action. This message is for the President, the Governors, the ...
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