Did you see the article in the USA Today last week regarding TSA keeping a database of pushy flyers? The pushy fliers program was launched in 2007 to help prevent the nation’s 50,000 airport screeners from being attacked or threatened.  TSA officials voiced concern about passengers disrespecting screeners so they began issuing new uniforms with police style badges pinned to shirts.  According to the article, the database has records from about 240 incidents and most are screeners in conflict with other screeners and 30 incidents involve passengers or airport workers attacking or threatening screeners. Based on my experiences leaving a New York area airportRead More →

  awareness and preparedness efforts. While we have done a considerable amount of research on this topic, there were a few items in this presentation that grabbed my attention: 1) Zero reports of violence do not equal zero violence This is a critical statement for employers to understand and address.  Over 80% of violent incidents have clear warning signs, but red flags are often not reported.  How is your organization ensuring your employees, third-parties, etc. understand their responsibility to report suspicious incidents, threats, etc.?  Have you made it easy for employees to submit an incident report?  Can they do so anonymously?  Once an employee submitsRead More →

Lessons Learned Review…Keeping You Out of the Headlines and out of this blog… Please take a moment to consider how these Lessons Learned could be implemented by managers within your organization to avoid expensive and embarrassing situations… DDoS Attacks On Twitter, Facebook Result Of Massive Attack On One Person A pro-Georgian blogger called “Cyxymu” was apparently the intended target of the massive DDoS attack that knocked down Twitter and caused major slowdowns on Facebook and LiveJournal.  A botnet blasted waves of traffic at the blogger’s accounts on the sites simultaneously. File Sharing Banned on Government Networks  Rep. Edolphus Towns introduced a bill to ban file-sharingRead More →