I have attended several threat management and risk management seminars this year, and it seems like many of the speakers and experts have fallen under the spell of “super-should-a-docious”. Many of the speakers and experts continue to express “You should do this” and “Your people should do that” or “You should implement best practices” and “Your people should know this/that” and on and on. And at the seminars and conferences I have been attending, I sense that attendees  are starting to get tired of the same old “should” dance and would rather hear about solutions that allow them to implement all the “shoulds”.  It’sRead More →

  The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health recently fined the Children’s Hospital in Oakland for allegedly failing to protect workers from violence in the emergency department.  The hospital was penalized for “having an ineffective training program, incomplete and inadequate procedures to deal with safety concerns, and an incomplete and untimely hazard correction for workplace violence exposures in the emergency department.” Lessons Learned: The first lesson learned is obvious…organizations must have a comprehensive workplace violence program in place and ensure that all staff has been adequately trained on how to prevent and respond to incidents of violence, identify red flags and report all threats,Read More →

  I went on a trip to South Korea of the holidays and had a fabulous time. The trip was great because I had never been to South Korea, so there were many “firsts” for me.  I also love Korean food and had some “really fresh” seafood too! I got to see a lot of South Korea via airplane from Seoul to Jeju Island where I ate a bunch of delicious hallabongs (small orange like citrus fruit grown only in Korea) and rode on my first bullet train from Daejeon back to Seoul….which was very cool and very fast. My top 5 observations about SouthRead More →

  As the end of 2010 approaches, it is a great time to review lessons learned and decide where you need to be to ensure better results in 2011. Lessons learned from WikiLeaks, OCR and NSBA Dear Colleague letters, breaches, lawsuits, fines and numerous other failures clearly reveal how risks, threats, regulations, liabilities, vulnerabilities and obligations are changing.  Are you, your entire organization and your partners prepared for 2011? Status quo is not the way to keep up with change and status quo is clearly taking a serious toll on organizations around the world. Status quo is also expensive and perhaps Albert Einstein said itRead More →

  November 17, 2010 6:00 PM 1240 AM KFOR Lincoln, NE Awareity is proud to announce that Rick Shaw, President and CEO, will be featured in an interview on November 17 discussing his experiences as an entrepreneur, what led him to Awareity and how lessons learned continue to play a role in developing new services and solutions. The Pursuit of Success is a local radio show sponsored by Leadership Resources and Waddell and Reed Financial Advisors showcasing regional entrepreneurs, business and community leaders, sharing key ideas of success designed to help other become more successful while making an impact in their company and community. TheRead More →

  I recently received an e-mail from a school safety organization that explained, although the services we were offering seemed very important and addressed critical needs for schools, they only provided free services to schools and therefore they were unable to “look at” our solutions since they were not free. The response got me thinking…are free solutions really free? Are free solutions solving the real problems and real challenges organizations face today? What are free solutions? The most common free solutions include training, workshops and checklists.  Free training is usually general and workshops can be free (if you don’t count lost productivity) and free checklistsRead More →

  If you made resolutions to lose weight, which of the following options would you choose? Option 1 – cut off an arm or a leg or both. Option 2 – change your eating patterns and identify new ways to burn calories. Both options will help you cut weight, but… Option 1 would most likely limit your capabilities to achieve short term and long term goals and limit your ability to achieve better results overall. Option 2 would most likely make you feel better and increase your ability overall to do and achieve better results. As more and more organizational leaders face budget cuts, organizationalRead More →