Homer Community School is preparing to make a difference for their students and community This small Nebraska school district is leading the way for rural schools by launching TIPS, a web‐based incident management and prevention platform from Awareity, Inc. No matter how big or how small, all schools face the same challenges (student safety, bullying, student achievement, legal, compliance, accreditations, etc.), mounting obligations and budget limitations. The key to effectively and proactively handling the constantly changing needs of students is to equip everyone with the right tools to do the right things. Awareity’s TIPS is a secure and central risk management/prevention platform equipping all individualsRead More →

As tragic stories of bullying, suicide and violence continue to spread through school systems and communities, Ankeny Community School District is focusing on solutions. Ankeny Community Schools will be the first Iowa school district to implement Awareity’s proven and multi‐award‐winning TIPS (Threat assessment, Incident management & Prevention Services) prevention platform to help broaden communication channels, raise awareness and improve student safety. TIPS is an innovative solution equipping students, teachers, staff, parents and community members to anonymously report concerning behaviors, bullying, cyber bullying, and suicide risks. How can a school prevent something if they don’t know about it? Evidence clearly reveals school officials need students, parents,Read More →

  Have we reached a tipping point…the point at which a series of incidents becomes significant and obvious enough to cause a larger, more important change? Is this a national teachable moment…the time at which learning about a particular topic becomes obvious and easiest? Call it what you want, but obviously now is the time for action to change the future for the better. So how do you and I change the future for the better? Lots and lots and lots of people SAY they want to change the future and many more will SAY they are a leader of positive change…however after years ofRead More →

The Bradley County Schools system has implemented a new program to help keep children safe. TIPS: Threat Assessment, Incident Management and Prevention Services, an award‐winning web‐based risk management and incident reporting platform from Awareity. The TIPS platform is successfully being used in multiple school districts across the United States to identify, prevent and effectively intervene in threatening behaviors. TIPS provides an avenue for all students, parents, faculty, staff and community members to safely report disconcerting behaviors, suspicious incidents, or general safety/security concerns to school staff and the school resource officer, or SRO. Reporting may be made anonymously or openly. Concerns which may be reported include,Read More →

New Hampton School, a selective boarding school located in the in the foothills of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, has implemented Awareity’s TIPS platform to improve faculty and staff support and communications. Founded in 1821, New Hampton School has a philosophy based on two values: respect and responsibility. Healthy relationships between students and adults and educating the whole student are paramount in the community. In order to build those positive adult relationships, one of the School’s major initiatives has recently been to become one of the most desirable independent schools to work for. Through careful consideration of employee work load, targeted allocation of financial and non‐financialRead More →