Post-incident reports and overwhelming evidence-base data validate most incidents (from data breaches to policy violations to violence) and tragedies were PREVENTABLE. However, even with all these lessons learned, the same common gaps and disconnects lead to more and more failed prevention efforts. Failure to “collect, assess and connect the dots” across multiple locations, departments, silos and individuals make it difficult for organizations to proactively and predictively prevent incidents, lawsuits and tragedies. Whether you are just starting your risk management planning process or reviewing your current capabilities, Awareity’s experienced team can provide the expertise and advice to improve your prevention efforts and protect your reputation andRead More →

Thirty-four percent (34%) of students say they are aware of an individual who poses a risk to their school, according to Awareity’s 2014 Student Safety Report. The 2014 Student Safety Report unfortunately validates that many of the same overall risks and liabilities identified last year still exist. The results reveal students observe and know about things most school administrators don’t. Students are talking about concerning behaviors (hurting others, self-harm/cutting themselves, suicidal ideations, bringing weapons to school, drugs/alcohol and other risks) among themselves, but unfortunately these valuable pre-incident indicators are not being shared with the right people – threat assessment and prevention teams. Awareity’s online studentRead More →

How safe do students really feel at school? Southwestern Wisconsin School District (SWSD) asked their students that very question last May and are now taking action to proactively ensure a safe environment for all students and staff. SWSD recently selected Awareity’s TIPS platform as part of a school-wide prevention effort. At the end of last school year, SWSD students in Grades 7-12 participated in a school climate survey. The results revealed 55% of the respondents had been bullied or had witnessed someone being bullied at school. 22% of the respondents felt uncomfortable reporting these acts to school officials for fear of retaliation. The survey alsoRead More →

As the new school year begins and already we see tragic stories of bullying, suicide and violence emerge throughout school systems and communities; Nodaway Valley Community School District in Iowa is focusing on prevention. Nodaway Valley CSD is implementing Awareity’s proven and multi-award-winning TIPS (Threat assessment, Incident management & Prevention Services) prevention platform to help improve school communications, raise awareness and improve student safety. TIPS is an innovative solution equipping students, teachers, staff, parents and community members to anonymously report bullying, cyber bullying, weapons, abuse, vandalism, suicide risks and other concerning behaviors. It is impossible for a school to prevent something they don’t know about.Read More →

Awareity is excited to announce that The Handbook for School Safety and Security, written by Lawrence J. Fennelly and Marianna A. Perry has been released! Awareity’s President, Rick Shaw, authored and contributed Chapter 7: Prevention and Student Safety for K-12, providing an overview of how K-12 schools can better focus on PREVENTION efforts and strategies, rather than the last resort of REACTING to an incident or tragedy at their school. School security is one of the most pressing public concerns today. Yet in most schools, there is little security expertise or detailed knowledge about how to implement and manage a security program. The Handbook forRead More →

August 1, 2014 — Awareity’s TIPS Prevention Platform has been selected as a favorite ed-tech product and solution in eSchool News’ annual Readers’ Choice Award program. School leaders are asked to nominate their favorite products and explain how they are using these products to improve teaching, learning, or school administration—and to what effect. Awareity’s TIPS (Threat Assessment, Incident Management and Prevention Services) is an innovative platform of web-based tools designed to empower students, parents, teachers and staff to confidentially and anonymously report potentially harmful student safety concerns, including bullying, weapons, drug/alcohol use, gangs, harassment or intimidation, vandalism, physical/sexual assaults, threats of violence, suicide risk, abuseRead More →

Rick Shaw, President and CEO of Awareity, has been selected as the risk management session chair at the upcoming Annual Pan‐Pacific Conference in Sakai City, Osaka, Japan, June 2‐5, 2014. This year’s conference theme is “Designing the Shared Future through Co‐Creation”. Now in its 31st year, the Pan‐Pacific Business Association provides a forum for scholars, executives, and government officials from Pacific‐Rim countries to discuss important issues relating to a better quality of life in this region. Management scholars and practioners will assess the adaptability of various new management innovations to their own business environments. Shaw will join 3 other experts in a special session onRead More →