[Disrupting Evil] Disrupting Evil attacks on innocent students and adults in schools, organizations, and communities is possible, but disrupting evil requires immediate changes. The recent act of evil in Parkland, Florida at Stoneman Douglas High School exposed numerous Enormous Dangerous Gaps that have already allowed hundreds of evil doers to attack schools, organizations, communities, and our nation, leading to a BIG growing problem.  How many more attacks before actions? A BIG growing problem is how easily Physical Security (armed guards, alarms, access controls, locks, cameras, etc.) has been defeated in schools, organizations, communities, and our nation (such as 9-11 and other terror attacks).  The Big GrowingRead More →

[Prevention] Would you prefer to REACT to an attacker at your front door? Or would you prefer to DISRUPT and PREVENT the attacker from getting to your front door? At speaking events, 99.9% of people raise their hand for prevention, but is that where people are putting their energy and budgets? How does an active shooter drill – teaching run, hide, fight – prevent the next shooter? It doesn’t! We’re not saying these drills aren’t important, but how are they preventing future incidents? How does a camera prevent the next shooter/shooting? It doesn’t! A camera has never stopped a gunman. How does a crisis orRead More →

[Student Safety] Are you ready to transform and improve student safety by PREVENTING school shootings and other incidents? Watch this video. If you want to keep the status quo and keep Responding to them…don’t watch this video. Download an updated school shootings chart to compare your school’s security to others who have had incidents, how is your school any different? Warning Signs: awareity.com/warning-signs/ Client Transformations: awareity.com/transformations/Read More →

The Sad Truth: Innocent People Are Dying Because of Closed-Minded People Are you concerned about all the Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assaults, Workplace Violence, Bullying, Social Media Attacks, Suicides, the Opioid Epidemic, Violence, Mass Shootings, and other acts of evil? Are you concerned about the innocent children and adults being targeted in schools, houses of worship, businesses, entertainment venues, public streets, and other public gatherings? What I am about to say might offend some people, but the facts are the facts and ignoring and procrastinating isn’t solving these serious issues. Closed-minded people, on both ends of the belief and political spectrum, are a major reason whyRead More →

If you want to make and enjoy the best chocolate cake ever, you need the RECIPE for the best chocolate cake ever. BUT just having the RECIPE for the best chocolate cake ever does not mean you will get to enjoy the best chocolate cake ever… To enjoy that incredible first bite (and the last crumbs) of the best chocolate cake ever, you need the RECIPE, the right INGREDIENTS, and TOOLS to make the cake. The same goes for making the BEST EVER ENVIRONMENT OF SAFETY for children and adults in churches, schools, organizations, entertainment venues, and communities. Organizations have been collecting RECIPES for yearsRead More →

Awareity, Inc. is expanding their leadership in proven community-based prevention services and enhancing their Threat Assessment, Incident Management & Prevention Services (TIPS) platform with a new hotline/phone service option from Childhelp. Childhelp, also a leader in prevention, has been leading the way with child abuse prevention services since 1959 and a nationwide hotline since 1982. As violence continues to escalate across the Nation, it is evident that more immediate and proactive prevention solutions are needed. Community members (students, parents, employees, neighbors, etc.) almost always observe red flags and concerning behaviors prior to a violent event, but too often, this information is not shared with theRead More →

Awareity selected for Higher Ed Tech Decision’s Top of the Line Higher Education Products for 2015 Awareity is proud to announce that our MOAT/TIPS platform was selected by higher education end users and integrators as one of the top 15 products that made their jobs easier and more efficient this past year. The products – from switchers to digital signage, apps to podiums – enabled each user to strengthen their security tactics, revamp the ways college students collaborate, and helped keep some money in the bank. As a result, campuses have become safer, classrooms are more engaging, learning strategies are up to date, and theRead More →

Awareity’s TIPS Prevention Platform has been recognized for the third year in a row by K12 leaders who named it to District Administration magazine’s “Readers’ Choice Top Products for 2015.” The winners were compiled from 2,100-plus nominations from the magazine’s readers over the past year. The Readers’ Choice Top Products has been announced online and in the December 2015 issue of District Administration. District Administration’s Readers’ Choice Top Products awards program informs superintendents and other senior school district leaders about products their colleagues around the country are using to help their districts excel in a variety of areas, such as technology, sustainability and curriculum instruction.Read More →