New and Different Times Require New and Different Playbooks In Schools, Workplaces, and Communities Challenges in 2020 have created a new normal that is different and strange. Strange because when you think about it, pandemics are not new, protests are not new, riots are not new, racial tensions are not new, politics are not new, online learning is not new, remote working is not new, responding to violence is not new…but still 2020 feels different and 2020 is the beginning of a new normal. 2020 is also making it painfully clear to almost everyone that the same old playbooks and strategies are struggling mightily withRead More →

Nearly everyone has experienced or is currently experiencing pains and fears as more shootings, acts of violence, sexual assaults, child abuse cases, suicides, and numerous other incidents and tragedies continue to occur. Are you tired of it? Have you had enough? Sadly, most incidents and tragedies are increasing rather than decreasing in numbers, which is creating more pain, more fear, and more stress for leadership, employees, students, families, and community members. Now COVID-19 stressors have added even more pain and fear. What can be done? Perhaps a better question is, what can be done right now to help reduce and prevent the pains, fears, andRead More →

Attention Higher Education Decision Makers: The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing a lot of fear, stress, chaos, and confusion with so many different sources of tips, guidelines, apps, etc. While most leaders are currently involved in lots of meetings discussing the immediate actions (suspensions, cancellations, working remotely, online education, safety, health, etc.), it is just as critical to consider numerous other short-term and long-term problems and liabilities that need actions and solutions to address: Awareness & Accountability Liabilities caused by quick short-term decisions (working remotely, online classes, etc.) Compliance with Privacy, Safety, OSHA, etc. Lawsuits from Students, Faculty, Vendors, others Awareness & Accountability With faculty andRead More →

5 essential articles you need to read after any tragedy so you can take the right actions to prevent the next one from involving your school, organization, or community. 1. People want more than words. People (employees, management, family, friends, politicians, and others) around the world are calling for real solutions (actions, not more words) that stop disgruntled employees or other attackers from attacking people at their workplace. Solutions that stop students from attacking people at their schools. Solutions that stop evil doers from attacking people at concerts, houses of worship, in neighborhoods, and numerous other places. Read more > 2. Myth: We need moreRead More →

April 2019 was a fantastic month for Awareity. Validation. The April 2019 ASIS Security Management Magazine Case Study featured Sarpy County (NE) and their impressive successes with making schools, higher education institutions, and entire communities safer. Captain Griger and the Sarpy County’s Sheriff Office implemented Awareity’s next-generation tools and strategies to eliminate gaps, silos, and disconnects that too often lead to big problems for schools, higher education, police departments, local government agencies across communities and counties. Recognition. 30,000+ attendees were in Las Vegas for ISC West where awards were announced for top products and innovation.  Security Sales & Integration Magazine and top security experts selectedRead More →

When guns can be printed, the importance of having Awareity’s Community-wide Platform to collect, share, assess, and connect the dots to intervene and prevent BEFORE the attack should now be your #1 priority! Are you ready to make PREVENTING an attack your #1 priority? Let us help!  Read More →

Platform Compliance Awareity’s Community-wide “Connecting the Dots” Platform is designed to help schools, organizations, and communities meet and exceed many local, state, and federal compliance mandates. In the chart below you will find a number of laws and acts that the Platform helps to meet the compliance requirements for. If you don’t see one listed here and would like to know more, feel free to contact us directly for more information.Read More →

[Disrupting Evil] Disrupting Evil attacks on innocent students and adults in schools, organizations, and communities is possible, but disrupting evil requires immediate changes. The recent act of evil in Parkland, Florida at Stoneman Douglas High School exposed numerous Enormous Dangerous Gaps that have already allowed hundreds of evil doers to attack schools, organizations, communities, and our nation, leading to a BIG growing problem.  How many more attacks before actions? A BIG growing problem is how easily Physical Security (armed guards, alarms, access controls, locks, cameras, etc.) has been defeated in schools, organizations, communities, and our nation (such as 9-11 and other terror attacks).  The Big GrowingRead More →