6 (Proven!) Stages of Preventing

In the wake of the tragic events around the country, it’s clear a solution for PREVENTING tragic events is critically needed.

People (students, neighbors, teachers, community members, etc.) need their voices to not only be heard by reporting warning signs, but they need to know ACTION will be taken to prevent these tragic incidents.

At Awareity, we are on a mission to make the world safer with a Butterfly, knowledge, action, and clients who believe Good can disrupt and stop Evil. Our clients are proof that with the right tools great things can happen and we can prevent future tragedies.

We want to share this critical research with you, but we figured dropping 20 years of research on you would not be super helpful, so we streamlined the research into the easy to follow 6 Stages of Preventing.

Each stage plays an integral role allowing you to see what a Pathway to Prevention should look like to eliminate failures and improve prevention efforts to make everyone not only feel better but be safer as well.