As organizations are reopening and returning to work, how are you managing all the new pains and liabilities related to COVID-19 challenges on top of all the existing challenges you were already dealing with?

It’s time for reopening and returning to work, however, managing lots of new COVID-19 challenges on top of all the existing challenges can create lots of new pains and liabilities too.

Some of the new challenges include new and different fears, stressors, confusion, phases, compliance, and safety.  For example:

  • How will you manage fears of employees, students, and guests who fear they may be infected with COVID-19 at work?
  • How will you manage the spread of gossip, rumors on social media, and disinformation?
  • How will you manage each new Phase of requirements established by your state leaders?
  • How will you manage “Mask Violence” which has resulted in fights, shootings, and death?
  • And many others…

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