Connecting the dots with Cyber Security failures…Why are so many Cyber Security failures occurring?

The data doesn’t lie.  The 2018 Global State of Information Security Survey from PwC surveyed 9,500 executives across 120 countries which helps explain why so many organizations and failing to prevent Cyber Security incidents:

  • 48% of the 9,500 executives said they do not have an employee security awareness training program
  • 54% of the 9,500 executives said they do not have an incident response process

The Equifax breach exposed why PATCHING systems is critical and costly if you fail.
(see VIDEO here)

I also shared the DAM Analogy for why PATCHING your people is critical (information security awareness training for employees, third-party service providers, customers, etc.).
(see blog here)

The PwC global survey has exposed HALF of the problem, nearly half of organizations have NOT implemented an information security awareness training program for their people.

The OTHER HALF of the problem is organizations that have an ANNUAL information security awareness training program to simply meet compliance requirements, which is like patching people once-a-year.

PATCHING systems and PATCHING people are not annual efforts… they are ongoing efforts that require special tools to identify gaps and holes and make sure they are PATCHED as threats and cyber attacks continuously change.

Connecting the Dots…

  • The cost of a BREACH can be from $200 to $360 per RECORD
  • The cost of a BREACH can be millions more than the cost of SYSTEMS tools and personnel required for patching systems
  • The cost of a BREACH can be millions more than the cost of ONGOING information security awareness training for people (and less than the cost of systems tools and personnel)

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