Prevention & GAP Assessment

Prevention, GAP & Risk Assessment

Why is PREVENTING so important to your organization and your community? Because most incidents, lawsuits, fines, and tragedies were preventable. We’ve done the research for you and the post-event data is overwhelming, the first place to start to achieve prevention is with a risk assessment and threat assessment!

Awareity’s Prevention, GAP & Risk Assessment is very different from more common Security Assessments and was created to help you and your organization or community identify the potential risks, gaps, and disconnects within your organization or community that could lead to costly incidents and tragedies and allow risks and threats to escalate without appropriate intervention and prevention actions.

The Prevention, GAP & Risk Assessment includes:

  • Evidence-based questions that will help identify your organization’s specific areas of need (gaps, silos, missing pieces of the puzzle, etc.) so that your organization’s or community’s leaders will have an unbiased and objective review to help lead the way in creating an environment of Proactive Prevention.
  • Questions based on the 6 Essential Steps to Preventing, a proven outline used by many organizations and communities to stop incidents and tragedies before they happen!
  • A full review of your organization’s or community’s responses by a team of Prevention Specialists and Leaders to assess what the answers really mean for your organization or community.
  • A complimentary LIVE assessment review with a top Risk Management and Prevention Specialist to review and explain the findings with your team to ensure you’re informed and ready to begin PREVENTING.

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Don’t wait for a costly lesson learned, take action now and make 2018 the year you start preventing incidents with your team of First Preventers rather than hoping for the best and putting your First Responders in horrible, dangerous, and tragic situations!

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The Prevention, GAP & Risk Assessment was authored by Rick Shaw, Awareity’s Founder & Connecting the Dots Officer who is a recognized risk management and prevention specialist, with 30+ years of experience in the fields of safety, security, risk mitigation and threat assessment. Mr. Shaw and others at Awareity have invested thousands of hours of extensive research into post-incident review panel reports and tragic lessons learned, and Mr. Shaw identified many of the common gaps and dangerous disconnects that have led to prevention failures and from his research he developed the idea of First Preventers, Community Preventing, and the “6 Essential Steps to Proactive Prevention” that organizations must follow and be equipped to achieve to successfully and proactively eliminate gaps and disconnects that lead to dangerous incidents, lawsuits and tragedies. The Prevention Assessment will focus on each of the “6 Essential Steps to Preventing” to determine where improvements are needed.