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Saving Lives, Reputations, and Bottom Lines!

If we could pick just three words to describe the Awareity Community-wide Prevention Platform they would be: Game-Changing, Cost-Effective, and No-Brainer! You will be amazed at how simple the tools are to navigate, how easy it is to customize to fit your organization or community’s needs, and how much time and money it will save you as you begin to effectively automate priority tasks while moving towards prevention rather than reaction.

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Experience an immediate ROI with the Awareness Accountability Vault (AAV)!

Organizations are wasting countless hours and resources printing handbooks, making updates to policies, sending out revisions, tracking down employees to have them sign off that they read the new policy, keeping track of who has seen and who has not seen what on spreadsheets. Not to mention the hours spent in face to face meetings and training sessions.

Awareity is automating these status quo efforts and providing a more seamless and efficient method for ensuring all individuals are aware of their individual roles and responsibilities, including the other 364 days of the year beyond annual training. In addition to award-winning Information Security Awareness Training modules, the AAV also provides organizations with the tools to track and document accountability and compliance in real-time with audit-ready documentation. Though we hope it never comes to that!

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Equip your organization and community for immediate ROP (Return On Prevention)!

Data overwhelmingly validates why and how Community Preventing and First Preventer strategies and solutions can be game-changing for your organization, your employees, and your community. The primary goal of Return on Prevention (ROP) is to prevent costs and numerous other expensive and embarrassing consequences associated with an incident, attack, or tragedy… including negative headlines, media scrutiny, investigations, lawsuits, fines, reputation damage, loss of client trust, loss of community trust, negligent leadership, etc.

Return on Prevention (ROP) can save lives (millions of dollars if you can even determine a monetary value for a human life), reputation/revenue damage (millions of dollars gone in a flash), and your bottom line (more millions of dollars). Lucky for you (and with a little disruptive innovation), Awareity has identified how to achieve ROP by using the award-winning tools within Awareity’s Community Prevention Platform, as well as the 6 Essential Steps to Preventing. It’s your one-stop for Prevention Success!

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Community Preventing Whitepaper

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Executive Leadership’s Guide to Preventing

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Healthcare Leadership Whitepaper

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Ignorance isn’t bliss…ignorance is expensive!

Awareity isn’t ignorant…we do our research so you don’t have to be ignorant either.

Incident Types
Have you thought about all the different kinds of incidents there are in the world? If you’re not, you could be leaving yourself vulnerable!

Prevention Failures
When the right people don’t know what they need to know, prevention efforts fail, and incidents happen. 

Incident Outcomes and Costs Chart
Think incidents couldn’t possibly cost that much? Incidents can cost lives (millions of dollars if you can even determine a monetary value for a human life), reputation/revenue damage (millions of dollars gone in a flash), and your bottom line (more millions of dollars). This chart outlines the costs of recent events.

Post-Event Reports
We pulled together the reports in one chart so you don’t have to waste your time searching, get all the data here!

Prevention and First Preventers Assessment
Ready to start identifying how your organization or community can start preventing? Get a Prevention Assessment!

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