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A Prevention Gapidemic: Part One

May 2, 2014
Twenty-eight innocent students and staff members were killed in 44 U.S.A. school shootings in the 14 months following the tragedy at Sandy Hook.

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IBM Security Services 2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index

The annual Cyber Security Intelligence Index report offers a high-level overview of the major threats trending across businesses worldwide over the past year. Report reveals that over 95 percent of all incidents investigated recognize “human error” as a contributing factor. The most commonly recorded form of human errors include system misconfiguration, poor patch management, use […]

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Violence Prevention in Health Care Facilities Act

From the American Nurses Association – an example bill for workplace violence prevention. For full example bill, please click here. To see current state requirements, click here. Nearly 60% of all nonfatal assaults and violent acts occurred in the workplace occurred in the health care and social assistance industry. The incidence of violence is likely […]

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6 Steps to Proactive Prevention: Part 3

As mentioned in Part 2 of this blog series, Awareness is the first step in the 6 Essential Steps to Proactive Prevention. Step 2 is Collecting the Dots. What does Collecting the Dots involve? Collecting the Dots is critical because without this step, there are no “dots” to assess and connect, making prevention impossible. Collecting […]

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6 Essential Steps to Proactive Prevention: Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1 of this blog series, the 6 Essential Steps to Proactive Prevention are the result of over 40 years of experiences, validated by prevention failures described in detail in post-incident reports AND confirmed by real-world prevention success stories from clients. The first Step of the 6 Essential Steps to Proactive Prevention […]

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6 Essential Steps to Proactive Prevention: Part 1

My Story My name is Rick Shaw and I am the founder and CEO of Awareity, and the originator of the proven and multi-award-winning “TIPS prevention platform”. My background includes more than 30 years of real-world business related experience, combined with several years of extensive research. My business experience includes performing numerous types of assessments […]

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Westfield Washington Schools Proactively Addressing Student Safety Concerns with TIPS

Most schools today have an online form for students to report bullying, but where do those reports go? In Awareity’s 2014 Student Safety Report, students claim only 17% of the time are reported incidents getting better. Westfield Washington Schools in Indiana is taking a more comprehensive and proactive approach by implementing the TIPS prevention platform. […]

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NASCAR Drivers Validate Proactive Prevention – Disconnects Are Expensive

A NASCAR accident on opening weekend has provided several valuable lessons learned, but only if you are listening and ONLY if you take actions to proactively prevent future incidents. Kevin Harvick gets proactive prevention: “It’s a reaction from the racetrack unfortunately,” Harvick said. “I hit the same wall a little further up last year at […]

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Prevention Assessment

Post-incident reports and overwhelming evidence-base data validate most incidents (from data breaches to policy violations to violence) and tragedies were PREVENTABLE. However, even with all these lessons learned, the same common gaps and disconnects lead to more and more failed prevention efforts. Failure to “collect, assess and connect the dots” across multiple locations, departments, silos […]

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Awareity’s 2014 Student Safety Report – Preventing Liabilities and Improving School Climate

Thirty-four percent (34%) of students say they are aware of an individual who poses a risk to their school, according to Awareity’s 2014 Student Safety Report. The 2014 Student Safety Report unfortunately validates that many of the same overall risks and liabilities identified last year still exist. The results reveal students observe and know about […]

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Allen Consolidated School District Launches TIPS Platform to Improve Student Safety

Nebraska – Students today face ongoing challenges with bullying, weapons, drugs/alcohol, violence and more. Disconnects between youth and school educators cause many of these student issues to unfortunately slip through the cracks. Allen Consolidated School District in Nebraska is implementing a new tool to try to increase prevention and give their students/parent an effective and […]

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