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A Prevention Gapidemic: Part One

May 2, 2014
Twenty-eight innocent students and staff members were killed in 44 U.S.A. school shootings in the 14 months following the tragedy at Sandy Hook.

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Preventing Violence and Terrorism Requires New Prevention Strategy…NOW!

San Bernardino, Paris and a growing number of terror and violent acts prove over and over again why a new and better PREVENTION strategy is needed…and it is needed right now! Would you rather PREVENT violence and terror acts or REACT to them?? Using lessons learned from San Bernardino, Paris and hundreds of other attacks […]

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Awareity’s TIPS named a “Reader’s Choice Top Product” by District Administration readers

Awareity’s TIPS Prevention Platform has been recognized for the third year in a row by K12 leaders who named it to District Administration magazine’s “Readers’ Choice Top Products for 2015.” The winners were compiled from 2,100-plus nominations from the magazine’s readers over the past year. The Readers’ Choice Top Products has been announced online and […]

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3 Things Every Education Institution Needs…But Most Don’t Have

There are three things every school and every college (and other organizations open to general public) needs to pro-actively PREVENT numerous types of incidents, fears and concerns including: • Lying awake at night fearing the worst • Being overwhelmed by negative media scrutiny and social media escalations • Increasing violence, diversity, inclusion, sexual assaults, bullying […]

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Connecting the Dots: Interview with University of Nebraska-Lincoln

As colleges across the nation continue to face growing challenges, dialogues about diversity, bias, safety and security are happening and pointing toward the need for change. As Secretary Duncan recently said, it is critical for college presidents to “lead from the top”, and “when an incident occurs, institutional leadership have a key role in assuring […]

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PREVENTING Mass Shootings and Other Violence: A Comprehensive Community-based Threat Assessment, Incident Management & Prevention Platform is Necessary

Since the tragedy at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, OR most every news anchor, parent, student, education leader and government leader has been asking the same question…is there a SOLUTION to prevent future tragedies like what happened at Umpqua Community College? The answer is YES, tragedies can be prevented and are being prevented. A real […]

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Data Reveals How DATA is the Answer to PREVENTION

Data is powerful and a valuable asset for organizations. Data can make organizations leaders in their industry. Data is the best way, and arguably the only way, to prevent unwanted, embarrassing and expensive incidents, tragedies and liabilities. Simply put…you cannot prevent things you don’t know about it. Based on overwhelming data from lessons learned, evidence […]

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Connecting the Dots: Interview with Bradley County Public Schools

Switching gears back to education, Rick met with Bradley County Public Schools Safety and Security Director, Scotty Hernandez. Scotty is really leading the way in providing his school and SRO team with the TIPS secure platform to both report concerning behaviors and document all investigation efforts and daily activities to create an ongoing database of […]

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Connecting the Dots: Interview with Cornhusker Bank

Moving over to the financial sector and connecting with the Chief Operating Officer for Cornhusker Bank, Steve Lindgren! Financial institutions and their customers continue to be defrauded by increased incidents of account takeover, ACH and wire fraud incidents that have led to the theft of millions of dollars. So, how can institutions meet new requirements […]

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Connecting the Dots: Interview with Twin Rivers Schools

These counselors are making a huge difference! Another interview, this time with High School Counselor, Christina Miller from Twin Rivers Schools in Missouri. After the Twin Rivers Schools participated in a student survey following the Stand for the Silent anti-bullying presentation, it was clear the students were asking for solutions. TIPS was a perfect fit […]

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Connecting the Dots: Interview with Westfield Washington Schools

Another great interview with Middle School Counselor, Craig Spinner, from Westfield Washington Schools. In 2014, Westfield Washington Schools had the honor of participating in a presentation by David and Tina Long, of Everything Starts with One and featured in the “Bully” movie, in which they spoke about their son’s tragic suicide. Tina shared that she […]

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