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A Prevention Gapidemic: Part One

May 2, 2014
Twenty-eight innocent students and staff members were killed in 44 U.S.A. school shootings in the 14 months following the tragedy at Sandy Hook.


The Secret Weapon for a Safer 2015?

Are security cameras making organizations safer? Security cameras have been utilized for many years and because of mounting incidents and tragedies (and growing terrorism concerns) around the world, organizations are installing more and more security cameras. As the number of security cameras have increased, are incidents and tragedies decreasing at the same ratio? Sadly, most […]

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Your Biggest Threat in 2015 – Your Threat Assessment Capabilities

Negative headlines, embarrassing lawsuits, reputational damage, expensive fines, violence, cyber-attacks, suicides, tragedies, etc. – are most of these incidents preventable? YES! Fact: Hundreds of post-event reports have revealed over and over again that prevention was/is possible. Fact: Preventing incidents and tragedies delivers better results than reacting to incidents and tragedies. AND preventing incidents and tragedies […]

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A Little Secret and Huge Results

Suppose some great man were to hand you an exquisite, beautifully built machine equipped with many self-repairing features. Suppose he explained to you that with reasonable care and proper handling, this machine would automatically, after about eighteen years of warming up, begin to deliver money from a slot, each week, in gradually increasing amounts for […]

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Plausible Deniability, In Loco Parentis and Connecting the Dots

An article by Guy Bliesner and Brian Armes was brought to my attention…and in full disclosure I know both Guy and Brian, and I think they do great work with school security assessments and more. Their article was called: There Is No Such Thing as Plausible Deniability in School Safety Their article explained a […]

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Failure by NFL Leadership Creates Game-Changing Opportunity

The news and sports headlines for the last several weeks have focused a lot of attention on NFL running back Ray Rice and his involvement in a domestic violence incident, as well as Adrian Peterson and his involvement in child abuse. The headlines were followed by an explosion of public outrage targeted at NFL leadership […]

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Visitor Management: Do You Have a Policy? Does Anyone Know It?

The school shooter in DeKalb County, GA allegedly gained entry to the heavily secured school by “piggy-backing”, following someone with controlled access through the door. Does your school have a policy to prevent this potential risk? Do you tell your employees not to hold the door open for others? How are visitors managed on a […]

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INTERVIEW: St. Peters Lutheran School – Accountable to Students and their Families

Another great interview!   This time Rick speaks with Scott Schumacher, Principal of St. Peters Lutheran School in Columbus, Indiana.  Scott is a true leader who is dedicated to building trust and forming strong relationships with his students and staff in order to keep his school safe. Below is a quick excerpt from the interview.  To […]

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INTERVIEW: Ankeny Community Schools – We Don’t Do That Here

Rick recently sat down with Ankeny Community School’s Safety and Security Manager, Chad Bentzinger, to learn more about their school safety efforts and use of TIPS.  We are definitely impressed with Ankeny’s leadership and their dedication to keeping their students safe! Below is a quick excerpt from the interview.  Click here to listen to the […]

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Prevention Gapidemic – Part Three

  Frogs, Excuses and Budgets   Most everyone has heard of the Boiling Frog Syndrome…. When a frog is dropped in boiling water it will jump out…but when a frog is placed in cold water that is gradually heated, it will not perceive the danger and will be ‘cooked to death’. The same is true […]

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Prevention Gapidemic – Part Two

  Questions Reveal Answers   IF old school advice and hundreds and hundreds of stop bullying programs/curriculums were the solution – why would the CDC cite bullying and suicide as a significant public health problem?   IF old school advice and stop bullying programs/curriculums were the solution, why would a 2013 Student Survey of […]

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