Awareness and Accountability Vault Info


What is the Vault?

The Awareness and Accountability Vault (AAV) is an innovative platform of web-based tools designed to improve ongoing awareness of policies, procedures, training, best practices, etc. – really any information you need your employees to be aware of – and you need to be able to show they read.

Why is the Vault needed?

Because no one remembers everything they learned on that one day of annual training, the Vault provides a critically needed tool for “the other 364 days after annual training day” so you can address what everyone knows (including hackers, terrorists and insiders) is the weakest link – employees and third-party service providers who lack updated and situational awareness.

How does it work?

Organizations can upload customized documents into the Vault and assign them to only those groups of individuals that need to see the information. Then, as an end-user, when you login to the secure platform, you will only see the information that applies to you, you can quickly find the required training or policy, read it, answer any review questions and acknowledge your understanding.

Documents in the Vault can be assigned as annual requirements if the information/policy is something that needs to be reviewed and signed off on annually. If part of the annual certification, Users will automatically receive reminders when their individual certification is due and past due notifications until they complete their requirements. Documents can also be assigned as one-time requirements or as not-required so Users always know what information is available and required for certification.

Department level administrators can be utilized in order to increase efficiencies and provide authorization to only their respective users and vault and report access. Each individual department can maintain their own Awareness and Accountability Vault for their employees and also access the organization-wide Vault documents.

Reporting and Data

With the Awareness and Accountability Vault, Administrators have access to on-demand progress reports to track annual certification status, policy acknowledgements, past due.

Date and time-stamped audit trails reports show all user activity plus provide legal-ready and audit-ready documentation for auditor and compliance reports.

What type of information is shared?

Your organization has full control of what documents are placed in the Awareness and Accountability Vault. Some recommended documents and areas of compliance are listed below:

  • Professional Development
  • Training
  • Legal Requirements
  • Contractor Agreements
  • New Hire Info/Onboarding
  • Health Insurance/Benefits
  • Teleworking/Remote Polices
  • Virtual Meetings/Notes
  • Ethics Guidelines
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Employee Notifications/Alerts
  • Procedural Updates
  • Security Policies
  • Privacy Training
  • Workplace Violence Program Information
  • Acceptable Usage
  • PCI DSS Training
  • Social Networking Policy
  • Crisis Plans
  • Evacuation Maps
  • OSHA Requirements
  • Investigation Forms
  • Agreements/Forms
  • Student Handbooks
  • Consent Forms
  • Compliance Requirements
  • Best Practices
  • Guidelines

Why did Awareity create the Vault?

Organizations are wasting countless hours and resources printing handbooks, making updates to policies, sending out revisions, tracking down employees to have them sign off that they read the new policy, keeping track of who has seen and who has not seen what on spreadsheets. Not to mention the hours spent in face to face meetings and training sessions.

Awareity is automating these status quo efforts and providing a more seamless and efficient method for ensuring all individuals are aware of their individual roles and responsibilities. And providing organizations with the tools to track and document accountability and compliance in real-time.


Awareity has several free training modules that can be uploaded into your Vault and customized to fit your organization’s needs. Contact us today to learn how to gain access to these award-winning Information Security Awareness Training, FERPA, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS training modules.