Awareity-definition2Who is Awareity?

What do you get when you combine Awareness and Accountability? AWAREITY!

Awareity is a privately held company with incredibly talented and passionate employees who are passionate about helping and equipping our clients to save lives, reputations, and bottom lines through prevention.

Why We Do What We Do

Lessons learned reveal over and over how dangerous gaps in Awareness and Accountability combined with not having the “right tools” have lead to tragedies (violence, terrorism, workplace violence, etc.), liabilities, lawsuits, damaged reputations, lost revenues, and numerous other negative consequences.

Conventional status quo approaches are not good enough for today’s risks, threats, and challenges. Organizations had plans, policies, procedures, training, incident reporting, threat assessment teams, case management systems, security assessments and more…yet preventable liabilities, incidents and tragedies are still happening everyday.

Overwhelming evidence from hundreds of post-event reports reveal people observed “pre-incident indicators” before incidents and tragedies, however, nearly every organization (or community) had too many gaps, silo systems, disconnects, and did not have the right tools in place to securely share the right information with the right people in the right places (community-wide). Awareity knew this had to change!

How big of a lawsuit, tragedy or other incident will it take to move beyond these conventional approaches?

How many tragedies and lives lost will it take to move beyond these status quo approaches?

Which risks, threats, and obligations are keeping you awake at night?

Everyone prefers PREVENTION and everyone wants PREVENTION…

Awareity’s revolutionary TIPS Prevention Platform is proven and is currently equipping individuals, organizations, and communities with the “right tools” to achieve all 6 Essential Steps to PREVENTING…saving lives, reputations, and bottom lines everyday.