#9 Gaps: School Safety & School Security: Common Failures Since 1999

Research reveals the biggest school security and school safety failures, and their common denominators.

But do you know what the research says about school safety & school security?

Columbine High School (1999)

Columbine High School massacre Timeline
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Sandy Hook Elementary (2012)

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Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (2018)

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Q: What are the Common Denominators since 1999 (nearly 20 years)? 

A: The Pieces of the Puzzle (concerning behaviors, suspicious activities, pre-incident indicators, warning signs, etc.) remain scattered across community members and across the social media community, which is why Prevention fails again and again.

Because it is impossible to Prevent everything, School Security and Response solutions are clearly needed, but it’s also clear School Security and Response solutions are NOT enough.

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Client Testimony: 

“Some of the challenges we were facing as a district were knowing if we could go back and see that we tried to prevent things, but paper gets lost and things happen. With TIPS we are able to track everything from the beginning to the end. It has been a great tool.” – Awareity Client

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